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Where does Europe end?

Erhard Busek | IDM - Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe

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Later than the Rome Treaty 1957 there is a progress in unification of Europe. For sure Europe has learned out of the history but obviously it is coming to an end. The last step of enlargement 2004/07 was a big step forward and a real success story concerning stabilisation of Europe. In the current volatile impression, which Europe is giving through the different crises, I do not dare to imagine, what would have happened, if we would have not done this. Therefore a strategy for Europe is really asked and for sure a positioning of the continent also. More and more it is necessary to describe, what Europe has to do in the process of globalisation. In this global village, in which we are living, is Europe a very important part, but it has to make it able to act in this way. This I am really missing. Step by step concerning the financial crises the banks and the Euro are moving forward. They are not moving forward concerning politics. So fare the current crises in the different fields are in reality crises of politics and politicians. On this we need a strategy, which is really possible, because it is no alternative existing for Europe. Maybe we need more fantasy to do it, but the necessity is existing without any doubt. It is a challenge, especially for the younger generation, because on this the changes of the old continent is really depending.

Erhard Busek

Dr. Busek began his professional career as legal advisor to the association of parliamentarians of the Austrian People's Party. He then served in a number of administrative positions, including Secretary-General of the Austrian Federation for Trade and Commerce, Secretary-General of the Austrian People's Party, Deputy-Mayor of Vienna, Minister of Science and Research, Minister of Education, Vice Chancellor of Austria, Special Rpresentative of the Austrian Government for the Enlargement of the European Union and Special Coordinator of the Stability Pact for Southeastern Europe. Currently he is Chairman of the Institute for the Danube region and Central Europe (IDM), President of the Vienna Economic Forum (VEF), Coordinator of the Southeast European Cooperative Initiative (SECI) and Jean Monnet Professor ad personam.