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Media Society and Knowledge. Towards the Construction of Knowledge in Context of Social Change

prof. dr. Thomas Bauer | Uni Wien

  • medijske komunikacije

Knowledge that is being constructed through reproduction and distribution within the environment of a media-organized society and generated in relation to social change increasingly turns from a domain of privileged good to one of common property and at the same time it changes its communicational (energetic) ontology from information to conformation. Media society causes new framing of knowledge. The typical characteristic of media society is the observation that the society is constituted in a model of media and reflects itself through medialized and metiatized communication – which always means in reference to media-related values like attention, news value, representation, visibility, standardization, instant disposability, repeatability, reproducibility, and last not least conversationability and communicative practicability. The institutions of knowledge – scientific agencies of knowledge communication in the interest of social development – are in danger of becoming accomplices of a growing knowledge gap: on the one hand they are confronted with the challenge to adapt to this structural mode of discourse and on the other they are challenged to find their dialogical position in order to be able to challenge the society’s development.

prof. dr. Thomas Bauer

Thomas A. Bauer (1945) is full professor at the Institute of Journalism and Communication Science at University of Vienna, where he is holding the Chair for Media Culture and Media Education. He is visiting professor at universities in Bangkok, Beijing, Belgrade, Istanbul, Maribor (since 2002), Sao Paolo, and Shanghai. He has been involved in developing and evaluating several curricula on media literacy and media culture, currently establishing a program for intercultural media literacy. He established the University of Vienna radio and TV programme, co-founded and edits in chief Vienna Community TV programme OKTO and media journal DeScripto. He is president of Austrian American Film Association and of European Society for Education and Communication, member of International Press Institute and of several other organisations. In his last publications he has been theorizing on relation between media and social change.