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Dissemination - Efficient marketing for scientific work

Manfred Aigner | Unternehmensberatung für Dissemination E.U.

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Dissemination to the broad public, aiming at an audience without detailed knowledge of the research area, gained significant importance. To be successful in this respect, the content needs to be adapted to the target audience. This makes dissemination a challenge for researchers and research institutions.

The direct benefit of dissemination in broad public for the researcher is not automatically visible. Therefore, those activities are often performed with low priority. Professional communication of results to the broad public requires a different approach and motivation than publication in scientific communities. Although many research projects provide sufficient dissemination budget, only few projects are successful in dissemination.

This talk demonstrates the obstacles and roadblocks towards successful dissemination in the broad public. Based on my experience as researcher, project leader, from industry, and as evaluator for research programs, I highlight the topic from different viewpoints. Referring to real-world examples and incidents from my history I demonstrate the obstacles towards successful dissemination. Following, I provide a motivation for scientists and research institutions for professional communication of their activities in the public. Based on this motivation, I present several instruments, methods and activities to improve the visibility of research results with meaningful effort.

Manfred Aigner

Manfred Aigner was a researcher from 1997 to 2011 at the IAIK at TU Graz. He started as research assistant, became senior researcher, team leader and member of the institute board. His research focus was Security in the Internet of Things, Smart Cards etc. He holds several patents and has published scientific articles on international level. As a scientist he initiated and coordinated research projects with partners from industry and academy. Then he was also responsible for the dissemination and exploitation aspects of the projects.

After his academic career, Manfred joined NXP semiconductors. He realized that excellent and useful results of the academic community are barely visible in industry environment. This was the starting for his consultancy for dissemination.

Currently, Manfred runs his consultancy for dissemination, acts as evaluator and reviewer for FP7 and is a member of the Management Board of Yagoba GmbH, a software startup specialized on security software.